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Lake and swimming precautions members should observe for their own safety

1.    Lake privileges, fishing and swimming are for members and their invited guests only (members must be present). 
2.    Non-swimmers and parents are cautioned about the use of air mattresses and inner tubes.  Non-swimmers should not go out any        farther than they can stand in the water (the lake is approximately 35 feet deep in the center)
3.    Parents are cautioned about allowing children, especially non-swimmers, to go to the lake without proper supervision  You must        realize that it is impossible for the club to furnish lifeguards. 
4.    All swimming is at your own risk-  THE CLUB IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS.
5.    Please do not drive cars on the sanded areas.
6.    You are asked not to drink on the sanded area or in the water.  Broken bottles or easy opening can tabs, etc. are dangerous in           theses areas.
7.    Please use the trash cans so that the area is clean for the next person, which could be you.