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Hall Rental Guidelines

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Hall Renting Terms and Conditions

To:  All Hall Renters
From:  Celestine Community Club Officers

Before the person in charge of renting this facility leaves, he/she is responsible for making sure ALL of the following is done: 
•    No Catering is allowed at the club
•    Kitchen may not be used to prepare you own food
•    Heaters or A/C units are turned off (unless told otherwise) (heaters turn to 55 degrees)
•    All inside and outside lights are turned off
•    Floors are swept and table and chairs are put up in a neat row, just the way you found them when you arrived
•    All trash containers emptied
•    Engage all deadbolts on the doors that are equipped
•    Make sure all doors inside and outside are closed and locked
•    When ready to key the alarm, you should get a green light, if not there is still a door open.  Must have doors closed to get a green       light.  When green light, turn key to get a red light.  Security system is then on.
•    Return keys

If Hall and bathrooms are not cleaned up to the meet the satisfaction of the club officers, and extra $25.00 will be charged.

If renting front half (big part), turn on light switch #1-#3 for inside, and #5-#7 for outside.
If renting back half (small part), turn on light switch on left wall (by restrooms) and the light switch next to the women’s restroom. 
Bar lights are located behind the car on the wall (white pushbutton switch)

Please help us keep our operating costs to a minimum by following the above agenda.  If any one of the above is not done, an additional charge may apply to the person renting this facility. 

The club and all its members will benefit from your cooperation. 

Thank you,

Celestine Community Club Officers